Hospital App is a program which helps managing any medical company. Hospitals or private practices can use this application to manage their doctors working hours and visits timetable. The application works online, does not need any software installation, just a computer (tablet / smartphone) with Internet connection.


Patients can choose their doctor's name and speciality from the list. Then they pick the date and search. Search results present available hours of visits. Patients choose a desired hour, fill in a simple form and confirm their visit.


Doctors log in to the system to manage their timetable. In the doctor panel there is all necessary information about booked visits which doctors can edit, confirm or reschedule.


All settings, content, doctors accounts, visits - everything can be managed through administrative panel of the application.

Development and adjustment

The application can be ordered in basic form, but it can also be easily developed to adjust it to particular needs of your company. We can change the content, functionality and the look of the program to meet your requirements.


We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and orders: info@p2web.pl